The originak rock me ow is so so so so awesome!!!!!!!!

Original RockEdit

The Original rock is a rolled up piece of paper with tape. It is very dirty has a brain in its butt. It has had many surgeries and dissections that hurt him. He also had many diseases such as: lemons, oranges, mangos, and grapes. Later on in his life one of the memebers of the S.S.A.O.R (secret society against the original rock) chopped him up and flushed him down . The A.P.P.R ( awesome people protect rock) tried to stop her but they were too late. The spirit of the original rock passed on to a new body, ish and was reincarnated and the A.P.P.R held a funeral for the original rock. The S.S.A.O.R unburied and threw him over a fence. The A.P.P.R went behind the fence and retrieved him and put him in the shoe. He arrived out of the shoe and was stollen and chopped up by a member of the S.S.A.O.R. His spirit was carried on to another body that was recently destroyed by the S.S.A.O.R.

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